jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Rock this outfit...Coachella

Ok now, I can't possibly afford to go to Coachella (damn you money and school!!!) but if I was given the chance to go, I definitely rock this outfit! Comfortable and chic.

The pants are so right for the season and it would look awesome with any of the sweaters, and to add somethind edgy to the outfit please take a  look at the shoes... They are from Modern Vice, aren´t they awesome?! Or maybe a cute little dress? 

What do you think FashionHolic's? Any of you is going to Coachella and which ones are your options?

By Molécula

Modern Vice

2 comentarios:

  1. Sympa comme tout cette sélection :)

  2. coachella it's the best festival !!!! i'll go someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!