martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Look of the day

I love summer, the season offers a lot of options! How about this lovely outfit for a date or go shopping and lunch with your friends? Fresh and chic! 

My favorite piece? The double-breasted wool blazer and of course the sunglasses.

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jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Look of the day

Well here is another look of the day! I just loved the bright color of the shoes, it makes the outfit a lot more fun! Hope you like it!

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martes, 16 de julio de 2013


My favorite!

I've been dying to make a post about this brand wich I absolutely love. Cihuah is a french brand born in Mexico, the intention of the brand is to ally fashion with architecture. 

I fell in love with their designs because they are so clean and structured, the lines are simple but help to create forms and volumes that makes them irresistible. Recently the designer Vanessa Guckel appeared on Vogue's Who´s On Next showing that Cihuah is a promise of  mexican design.

I can't wait to see Cihuah's future collections!

Click here to see the making of the amazing photoshoot Cihuah Making of

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viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Black, black, black

I love black but in this side of the world the weather it's so goddamn warm, however today the sky is nicely cloudy so I decide to go black.

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